Sorting the Tweet from the chaff

29 09 2010

Twitter is the new black. It’s everywhere: on the news, in political satire, in books, on the TV…if it wasn’t for Twitter and QI, who would still care about Stephen Fry? Despite this, I have to admit that I’ve still not quite got to grips with the platform.

It’s all very well in theory – 140 characters, converse with celebrities and other strangers in real time, follow important trends…I just don’t find it very engaging. The ephemeral nature of each tweet means that if anything particularly profound ever gets said (either by me or one of my followees) I’m likely to miss it. There’s always the retweet of course, but these depend on the Tweeter’s popularity as much as their content quality.

There’s also the problem of the Twitter interface. This has recently been retweaked but it still leaves a lot to be desired, with most Tweeters preferring to use 3rd-party apps such as Tweetdeck to post their updates. The process leaves me cold.

I’m going to keep trying with Twitter but, like Coronation Street, it’s not something I can ever see myself getting excited about despite its widespread popularity. This won’t stop me from trying to improve my work’s engagement with Twitter, but when I’m back in the house I’ll stick with Facebook.




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19 10 2010

tweeting is narcissistic in nature, but this is why it is so useful. like facebook, it strokes the ego (how many friends /followers do you have?) which makes it addictive. however it is less personal than facebook. no pictures of you / your mates / funny cats on show.
for the true pr professional it is one of today’s most powerful tools. the can promote themselves / their product / their views etc, if valuable / interesting / funny these will be shared far and wide through the sprawling viral network. a buyers market. it also offers the opportunity to enage with (mainly young or techy) people who would never normally see your product…
got to admit, as a non facebook user, i like it – however i think the key fact here is ‘non facebook user’ – there does seem to be a overlap of platforms here.

19 10 2010

I suppose, maybe the fact that I have 5x as many friends on Facebook as I do on Twitter is colouring my opinion somewhat… 😉

I’ve gotten into Twitter recently as a forum for discussing current events (well, slagging off the panelists’ ties on Question Time) but I don’t see much else use for it apart from as an easy way to share links.

14 07 2011
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