Big Brother approach to social media

10 02 2011

Lesley Thomson alerted me to this post regarding the Commonwealth Bank’s rather OTT approach to controlling staff’s social media activity.

Big Brother is watching you

It’s disappointing that, after taking such a long time to acknowledge the existence of soc med, some companies have reacted in such an extreme manner. The CBA policy takes a few simple common sense guidelines (don’t discuss private business on an open forum, don’t do anything to bring the company name into disrepute, etc) and taken these to the illogical conclusion that employees should check what their friends are saying about the company on Facebook et al and report their findings back to management!

The reaction online has so far been almost universally negative and it looks as though the bank are going to be forced to have a rethink, but it’s worth keeping an eye out to see if other big corporations decide to go down a similar route. The Baskers case has made a lot or people out there jumpy, let’s hope that common sense prevails and employees are allowed some semblance of a private life, both on and off-line.




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