Social life

20 09 2012

Looking forward to Social Media Week in Glasgow next week. I’m booked up for quite a few sessions, just hope I’m able to attend given the local public holiday weekend and all the last-minute web stuff we’re getting at the moment. Events like these are really important as they give people a chance to step out of their normal work environments to see what their peers are doing in digital communications.

One of the big topics will be access to social media tools from within the workplace. Out of the few websites I find that aren’t blocked by security, about 90% don’t work properly in IE7 (including this one!). Who is Leading? is an event being promoted by my colleagues in the Scottish Public Sector Digital Group and should be well worth going to. Among those speaking at the event will be Gordon Scobbie, one of the best advocates of social media for the public sector I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. This event will be a Question Time style discussion forum talking about how organisational change and cultural change can influence each other. I can’t go to this one as I’ve got to stay home to look after my 10-month-old baby boy, but if it wasn’t for the timing I’d be there with bells on.

Among the events I’m booked to attend are Social in the community, How to build a powerful LinkedIn group and Get started with social media, though I can see this changing as the schedule gets busier. I just tried to check my bookings online and the SMW site doesn’t work in IE7, so I guess I’ll have to stick with these for now!